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Roof Wood Repair

Orange County Roof Wood Repair.


At HD Roofs, Inc. one of our many capabilities is carpentry. We repair and replace dry rot, warped, damaged, and termite damaged wood components. Whether it is structural or aesthetic we can do it. A solid roof deck is crucial for the installation of a new roof, repair, or maintenance of a roof job. We replace and are not limited to fascia, shiplap, rafters, plywood, patios, and roof beams. We can also help with roof sloping, structural reinforcement, and roof design. We only install and replace hand selected timber and the proper type of wood for the specific area to be worked on. A successful roof wood repair not only consists of replacing the damaged wood components but, also identifying the cause and repairing that source as well.

What is dry rot?

Dry rot is a wood destroying organism that erodes wood structural elements, resulting in the loss of strength and stiffness. Excess water and moisture infiltration initiates the fungus growth, which can start as mold and progress to dry rot. As the fungus matures wood decay becomes more evident. Termites can also be found along dry rot because they need food (cellulose such as wood), moisture, and warmth to survive. When a roof is leaking or failing all these elements are present and the roof deck structure can seriously be damaged if not detected early.


  • brown discolored wood
  • shrink cracked wood
  • peeling cracked paint
  • warped wood
  • sagging roof deck
Roof Wood repair
Signs of Dry Rot
If you suspect dry rot or termite damage wood give us a call now for a free estimate. Our carpentry division is ready to tackle your wood replacement needs.