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Roof Inspection

Orange County Roof Inspection Services

Want to know the condition of your roof?

Then let us help. HD Roofs, Inc. can provide you with a comprehensive roof inspection report. Our vast roofing knowledge allows us to provide you with a detailed report on the current condition of the roof, approximate remaining life span, maintenance options, and if a repair or new roof is needed. Roofing systems consists of many components and at the time of the inspection our main goal is to identify and make sure all roofing components have been installed to manufactures specifications.

We will also evaluate the overall condition of the roof deck and structure. Often times, roof leaks can be prevented by having a qualified roofer like ourselves inspect your roof. Remember to have your roof inspected although no signs of damage or leaks are present. Roof inspections are recommended every 1-3 years depending on the type of roofing system. At that time, we can detect problems that may arise in the future and can recommend a roof repair or maintenance.

Are you buying a property?

If you are in the process of purchasing a property it is important you know the condition of the roof. A comprehensive roof inspection is crucial to the transaction of the deal. A home inspection can identify roof problems, but it takes a certified roofing contractor to explain in detail the condition and options available. As a matter of fact, home inspectors always recommend their clients to seek a reputable roofing company for advice.

Are you selling your property?

We work with all types of real estate transactions and can get your property ready for the market.

Roof Cert

Need a Roof Certification (Roof Cert)?

HD Roofs, Inc. will grant you a roof certification if the roofing system meets our criteria. We have worked with countless real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and will work with you to satisfy any loan requirements.

Roof inspection and roof certification prices are based on many factors like size of structure, type of roofing system, and access. Give us a call to determine the cost to inspect and/or certify your roof.

Roof Inspection Report
Roof Inspection Report and Certification